How to organize a high school club team

Getting team started in a few simple steps.  Note that your High School Club, is just that.  A club.  You do not need the approval of the Athletic Department, though their support is always helpful.

  • Form a high school club; girls to simply create a club with members  (athletic department does not need to be involved at all)
  • Recommend 10-12 players in the club/team, minimum 6 player roster needed for tournaments
  • Athletes join AAU ($14 per year)
  • OPTIONAL: Adult join AAU with non-athlete membership in order to register club with AAU ($14 per year)
  • OPTIONAL: School Club join AAU at Level 1 – Insurance Coverage is a benefit of membership. It is provided for properly registered Athletes, Non-Athletes and Clubs for events located in United States of America, its Territories and Possessions. ($30 per year); Notre Dame Belmont has Level 2 to host events
  • Submit a request to join the league.

For reference, here are the official AAU League rules.

Submit questions by clicking here.

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