Welcome to the Northern California High School Beach Volleyball League

Update May 20, 2023: NorCal Finals are complete and results are here. Congratulations to all players and coaches for another fantastic Season! We will see you in the fall of 2023.

Update May 15, 2023: Our NorCal High School Beach Volleyball Club Finals is this Saturday, May 20th at Santa Cruz Main Beach.  Below are some logistics and we are excited to welcome 18 (maybe 19 working to firm this up today) schools to the Finals this year!

Location: Santa Cruz Main Beach at 108 Beach Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Parking: Paid street parking is suggested, lot parking is available

Check-in: 8:00am to 8:30am

Coaches meeting: 8:30am

First serve: 9:00am

Seeding: Team ranking here; if you have questions or corrections, please reach us ASAP

Format: Double elimination with winners bracket and contenders bracket

Trophies: Awarded to first and second place

Equipment: We plan to have access to all 14 courts.  We will use 12 for the tournament, and 2 for a side bracket for the extra pairs that aren’t in the official competition.  We will provide some balls, but you should also bring some of your own.

Unofficial Bracket:  Similar to last year, we will have 2 courts for an unofficial self managed bracket.  If any of your teams have an extra person (coach or player) that can help organize this effort, please let us know  

Other: Please ensure girls bring water, sunscreen and snacks.  There are public restrooms  at the beach near the wharf and some restaurants nearby for food.  We expect a busy day as the boardwalk and beach on what looks to be a beautiful day.

Update April 20, 2023: We are one month away from the 2023 NorCal High School Club League Finals and you will find some information below on the current plan.

– the Finals will be held at Santa Cruz Main Beach at 200 Beach Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060 on Saturday, May 20th with check-in at 8:30 and first serves at 9am
– we plan to seed schools based upon the rankings with the seeding closed for all matches played in-season through May 13th
– we will play double elimination with duals where the school who takes 2 matches of 3 pairs wins the dual with the intent for all matches to be finished
– we plan to plan to follow NCAA style play with two games to 21 and tie breaker to 15, win by 2 for each, time depending and subject to the tournament director, we may choose to play later matches of one game to 28
– we expect to charge $100 entry fee per school to cover the costs of courts rental and trophies as there is not profit made from this League
– we would like to have all schools who intend to bring pairs to the Finals to register on or before April 30th to allow for proper planning; please register here
– we will offer courts for schools who either have more than 3 pairs or only 1 pair to encourage girls to play outside of the Finals matches; these matches will be self-managed by the players

Please note that the above is the current plan of record and we will firm this up with a communication a week prior to the May 20th event.

Update February 6, 2023: We are excited to announce the opening of the NorCal High School Club Beach Volleyball season starting officially on Saturday, February 18th with conclusion of the regular season on May 7th with the NorCal Finals held at Santa Cruz Main Beach on Saturday May 20th.

We encourage you to work with other High School Club teams to schedule duals at your convenience and availability, and let us know how we can facilitate.  You can find contact information for all active High School Club Teams here.

In addition to school challenges, we are organizing several tournaments which we will list on our site.  Currently, we have four events schedule which can be found here, where you can sign up to register.  All of these events are free of charge.  Currently planned dates are March 11, March 18, March 25 and April 15 in Half Moon Bay Area.  We are working to organize additional venues including Marin and Belmont with more details to come.

For rankings through the season and for seeding in the NorCal Finals, we request you input match outcomes here.

Use this page for all things High School Club Beach Volleyball for the season.

Update January 17, 2023: Please note that the planned January 21st preseason event in Half Moon Bay is cancelled due to the beach being washed out. Please contact barry peters at barry@peterscellars.com with any questions.

Update January 10, 2023: We are holding a pre-season event on Saturday, January 21st in Half Moon Bay. Sign up here to participate. More details to follow.

Update January 5, 2023: Due to weather causing the washout of Montara State Beach, the pre-season event for Saturday, January 7th has been cancelled. We are working to reschedule for Saturday, January 21st with more details to follow

Update November 27, 2022: We are excited to prepare for the upcoming NoCal High School Beach Volleyball Club 2023 season.  Below are some key details about the season.

Season start: Monday, February 20th which is the date on which all League play will count toward rankings/seeding for the NorCal Finals

Season end: Sunday, May 7th which is the date for which the last regular season matches can be played to count toward rankings/seeding for the NorCal Finals

NorCal Finals: Saturday, May 20th at Santa Cruz Main Beach (note: that this date may seem late, though it is a function of availability coupled with our desire to navigate around finals and graduations, so hopefully this date will help maximize participation)

General season: As always, we encourage schools to jointly organize duals through the season and will have a scoring site to track event outcomes and provide rankings.  We will also work to organize events, including some multi-school events to be announced in December.

Update November 12, 2022: A great day at the beach for our pre-season event in Half Moon Bay with 22 pairs from 5 schools (Cardinal Newman, Half Moon Bay, Northgate, Sonoma and Ukiah) with Jasmine Standez and Conner Black (HMB) placing first and Amelia Ortolan and Gabby Harrison (HMB) placing 2nd. Thanks to all of the players, coaches and families for making the this a great success and special thanks to Mike Inglis for hosting a spectacular event! Full standings here.

Update October 21, 2022: Join us on Saturday, November 12th in Half Moon Bay for our pre-season event where we will have schools field pairs in what should be a great event. Details to come. To enroll your school, please go here to submit your count of estimated pairs for the day. This is a free event.

Update September 6, 2022: We intend to continue with the NorCal High School Beach Volleyball Club League for the 2022-2023 season.  As always, we will model our season on the NCAA season with roughly the same schedule of late-February through April with a target of NorCal Final in early May at Santa Cruz Main Beach.  Full schedule to be published later this fall.

Update May 10, 2022: The 2022 Season has concluded officially on May 8th at Santa Cruz Main Beach with a great turnout and the girls getting lots of touches. The Final results are here. We will continue with our NorCal Beach Volleyball High School League next year and until we see a full transition to CIF, as we want to continue our mission to grow the sport and get the girls out for as much play as possible. Until Fall where we plan to hold some pre-season events, all the best!

Update February 27, 2022: The 2022 Season is up and running including a great event hosted by Half Moon Bay High School yesterday with a great turn out. Season match scores can be submitted here and Season results can be viewed here. Keep up the momentum and look for more updates in the coming weeks on the path to NorCal Finals on May 8th in Santa Cruz.

Update January 21, 2022: The 2022 Seasons are approaching (clarifying “seasons” in that NorCal High School Club Season will be running concurrently with CIF Season). We remain focused on two guiding objectives 1) get the girls as many touches as possible and 2) support the growth of the sport. For this reason, we see the need to continue the Club League to support programs who are not yet equipped to pay coaches, pay referees and commit to fielding 3-5 teams regularly (CIF requirement). We do not see the Club League as competitive with CIF, rather to be complimentary and we are actively working to ensure no conflicts. Below are high-level overview of the two seasons and a list of teams can be found here which identifies participation in each.

NorCal Club League: The formal season begins on February 14th and runs through May 1st with our NorCal Finals held at Santa Cruz Main Beach on May 8th. Requirements to participate in the Finals will be that your Club must play at least 2 other Club Teams in season to record/post match scores and files 3 pairs (minimum 2 pairs) at the Finals. More details to come on the Finals as the date approaches. There are no fees to participate in the Club League other than a nominal charge per team for the finals to support the cost of court rentals and awards. We currently have 4 events scheduled with more to come. Check back here or contact Barry Peters for more information.

CIF: The formal season begins February 12th and commences on April 16th and there are no playoffs planned for CIF in 2022. CIF requirements are that your school should have 5 pairs with a minimum of 3 pairs to participate in contests, CIF season details can be found here. Notre Dame Belmont is one of the schools committed to CIF and currently has 3 events schedule, one of which is outside of the season – details are here. Note that CIF guidelines prohibit CIF schools and players from participating in Club events during the season, so there will be no interplay between CIF and Club teams during the season.

Update December 17, 2021: We have announced our 2022 Season dates and will run the season beginning on Monday, February 14th through Sunday May 1 with NorCal Beach High School Club finals being held at Santa Cruz Main Beach on Sunday May 8th from 9am to 3pm to crown the 2022 season NorCal High School Club champion. The NorCal Beach High School Club League will be sharing more information in January and help coordinate play for Club School teams.

Notes about this season: Please note that we are actively working with California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) to coordinate our League as not to interfere with their season, noting that we remain unclear on the outlook for CIF in the Northern Region for the 2022 season. It is the intention of our NorCal Beach High School League to operate in parallel offering schools who are not yet structured to hire coaching staff and commit to 3-5 teams regularly to participate in our League. It is our fun intention to work to assist school in the migration from our League to CIF, when the sport is firmly established within the school, though we do not want to subside until CIF is more settled with the sport.’ Below is our proposal to the CIF for this season to section, noting that by CIF regulation teams will not be able to compete across the categories during the season:

CIF-committed schools: These are the a few High Schools who believe they can field enough girls (minimum of 3-5 pairs regularly), pay coaches and potentially even secure courts.  These schools are mostly in Santa Cruz including Harbor, Soquel, Santa Cruz and potentially a few more.  Notre Dame Belmont (NDB) is the one Peninsula known to be committed to CIF play this year.  NorCal Beach High School League will work to connect these schools with one another to advance the CIF efforts, as well as encourage as any other schools who feel they can field 3-5 teams regularly to participate.  NDB has courts and Santa Cruz teams have easy access to beach courts. Complete information on CIF Beach Volleybal can be found here.
NorCal Club League schools: These are schools in two categories: 1) schools who cannot field 3-5 teams consistently and do not have paid coaches, though want to help grow the sport and work to field CIF teams in the coming years in cluing schools like Mills, Branson, Berkeley, Del Oro, Hillsdale, Los Gatos, and others 2) schools who can field 3+ teams consistently, though feel that the competition will be larger by playing in the NorCal League this year as they feel there will be more diversity in schools.  This group includes schools like Half Moon Bay, Redwood, Pleasant Valley, Cardinal Newman and others.
Our plan is to focus on helping to grow the NorCal League schools efforts as they ramp toward CIF in the coming year(s).  We absolutely do NOT want to interfere with CIF, in fact we are looking to grow it.

Go here for a list of schools and identification of which category they fit.

Update November 1, 2021: We are planning to hold our pre-season pairs event in Montara Beach on Sunday, December 28th beginning at 9am with check-in at 8:30am.  Al schools are welcome and one or more teams from each school can participate.  This is a pairs event where all pairs represent their respective schools, though not a duals format.  Go here to see the list of schools who are participating; to sign up, contact barry@peterscellars.com for details.   More details to follow this month on CIF and CCS outlook for the 2021-2022 season.

Update September 20, 2021: We’re looking forward to a great and full 2022 spring season with details to follow on this site.  We will be announcing pre-season events soon, so click here to be added to the email notification list about upcoming events.

Update May 3, 2021: Thanks to ALL of the players, coaches, managers and parents for a great close to the 2021 NorCal season at Ocean Beach with the NorCal Finals on May 2nd.  It was a difficult season, though many folks worked hard to make it happen with eight schools battling the conditions and their opponents while full of smiles.

Congratulations to Half Moon Bay for taking the top of the podium in 1st, Pleasant Valley at 2nd along with Aragon at 3rd; full results here.  State Finals will be held at Dockweiler Beach on June 5th and Half Moon Bay will be representing Northern California as the NorCal Champions.

We look forward to a tremendous season for 2022 and will be circulating more information to prepare this fall for the pre-season and spring of next year.  Will see you on the sand!

Update March 1, 2021: We are planning to open the 2021 season effective April 1 with League Play, so all schools are free to schedule matches to count toward League record beginning in April.  We are finalizing the plans with Santa Cruz Main Beach, where we intend to fold the NorCal finals with a tentative date of mid-May (date to be confirmed).  The State finals are slated for late May with more details to come, which will be posted here.

Additionally, we are planing a multi-school event at Ocean Beach San Francisco on Saturday April 17th.  Current schools include: Aragon, Central Catholic, Half Moon Bay, Pleasant Valley and Redwood.  Please contact Barry Peters, if you would like more information or to participate.

Update February 7, 2021: We are actively exploring opportunities to get the 2021 season in play, given the restrictions that we have in place.  below are a few bits of news.

1. Gino Grajeda, commissioner of the IBVL, AAU Beach and the California Commissioner for the Southern Section and the State for High School Beach volleyball called me last week to let me know that the Southern Section is planning for a reduced season starting on April 1st with the State Finals slated for the last weekend of May.  Of course, this is the current plan and subject to change.  Gino said if they have to slip the schedule they may condense to an April 15th start date with the late May Finals.

2. We will look to follow the same schedule as SoCal as best we can, noting that one of our biggest challenge right now is venues to play along with potential support from schools.  We are watching the restrictions and will keep you posted later this month on any outlook.  Please contact us if you have teams that you believe you can potentially field in the April-May timeline, as we have a couple schools that have expressed interest and optimistic commitment to the season.  We never know the future, though we’d love to be prepped and ready to go if we get the high sign!

3. Lastly, some relatively big news for the sport.  Steve Sell, Athletic Director at Aragon High School and Central Coast Section Vice President,  reported to me today on Friday the CIF voted 140 to 0 (unanimously!) in favor of beach volleyball an official CIF Sport.  This should have no material impact on our League in the short term and we will work on plans in the coming years to transition accordingly, though a huge win for validation of the sports.  More to come on this as it develops for the 2021-2022 season.


Update July 31, 2020: Due to COVID-19, the 2020 season was halted in March of 2020.  We are actively reviewing the opportunity to restart the League as early as October 2020 with the focus on safely getting girls back out on the sand.  Of course, this planning is very fluid, though we have full support from our AAU partners and the Southern California High School Leagues which are planning the same.  We expect to provide regular (likely twice monthly) updates as October approaches.  Below is a list of Schools which have express preliminary interest. Please contact NorCalBeachVolleyball@peterscellars.com if you would like to receive updates.

Fall 2020 Prospects with interest to play: Acalanes, Aragon, Bishop O’Dowd, Carondelet, Central Catholic, Half Moon Bay, Hillsdale, Menlo School, Mount Madona, Mountain View, Napa, Pleasant Valley, Redwood, Saint Joseph Notre Dame.

Useful links below:

Important link for all things High School Beach Volleyball where you will find links to the list of schools with contact information for each.

Last Complete Season (2019)

Congratulations to all of the teams who participated in the 2019 season!  Top finishes were:

1st place: Branson (3rd year in a row)
2nd place: Redwood (2nd year in a row)
3rd place: Notre Dame Belmont
4th place: Sacred Heart Cathedral

Branson and Redwood will be representing Northern California on Saturday, May 11th in Santa Monica in the California State Finals.

The 2019 Norcal Finals on May 5th, click here to see full brackets and results.

We look forward to seeing you all next season.  More to come on the 2020 season starting in November 2019. Click here to ensure you are kept informed on our 2020 season.

Welcome! This site provides details on the Northern California High School Beach Volleyball League formed in 2017.  We recently completed our 3rd year with our season commencing in February 2019 through May 2019 where the top two Northern California schools will represent Northern California in the State Finals in Southern California.

Below you will find information and some resources for the league.  For information on starting a team, click here.  Please note that the Northern California High School Beach Volleyball League is not affiliated with the CIF; we are an organization that is focused on getting girls to play the sport, leveraging a School Club format.

We had over 50 High Schools participate in the 2019 season, click here to see the list.

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